Administration for Estates and Trusts from Black & McGhee, A. P. L. C.

  • Trust administration – during life and after death (all trusts above)- A trust administration is simply a transfer of property from a family member who has died to the designated person, or "beneficiary" that is identified in the revocable living trust left by the late family member. If you have property that you want transferred to a specific family member when you pass, our staff can assist you with ensuring your wishes are carried out after your death.

  • Probate - Do you need probate? If your deceased loved one did not have estate planning prior to their passing, or commonly referred to as "intestate", you will need probate. It is the process by which the court will award the estate of the deceased. You can prevent a probate by ensuring you and your families have an estate plan in place.

  • Conservatorship - If you have a loved one that cannot care for themselves or manage their own finances, chances are you will need to have a conservatorship for that person. Our office will help you through the process of the court appointing you or a loved one to be the "conservator" of the family member that needs the assistance, or "conservatee". This is usually used in the case of an elderly family member or a young adult who was impaired in an accident.

  • Guardianship - A guardianship is similar to a conservatorship, except a guardianship is used in the case of the minors in your family that require special care.

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A Professional Law corporation specializing in Estate Planning, Long Term Care Planning (Medi-Cal, SSI, VA benefits), Special Needs Planning, Asset Protection, Trust Administration, Estate Tax Planning, Powers of Attorney, Conservatorships, Public Benefits Planning, Trusts, Wills, and Probates.